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Sunday, December 21, 2003

More Taxis

Those of you who read the entry for 14th December will know that my taxi crashed into the back of another vehicle whilst taking me to the Welsh Liberal Democrat Group and Support Staff Christmas Party. I left my name and address with the drivers of both vehicles but, although I understand the Police were involved, they have not contacted me to act as a witness to the unsafe way that the taxi driver was driving. I left the scene with a card from the taxi, thinking that it would contain contact details for the driver. It did not, and although I rang Dragon Taxis on the night, they refused to give me these details. I rang again on the Monday morning and spoke to the Manager. He also refused to give me details over the phone but said that if I wrote in then he would write back with the information I required. I posted the letter the next day but have not had a response and when I rang on Friday the Manager was not there.

Anyway, it seems that somebody read my account of this chain of events on this blog and contacted the Taxi Licensing Department at Cardiff County Council. When I went into the Assembly on Friday I had a letter waiting for me from them stating that they would be happy to investigate the matter if I can supply them with details of the driver. Alas I am still waiting for these details but I spoke to the licensing officer and have promised to copy him my letter to Dragon Taxis. Nice to know that not only is this blog read widely but that it can initiate action without me even trying.

Update: A member of Cardiff County Council's Licensing Committee has e-mailed me to say that it was he who referred the episode with the taxi to the relevant department at the Council. My grateful thanks.

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