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Friday, December 19, 2003

BNP fail in their first Welsh contest

Radio Wales reports this morning that the BNP have failed in their first attempt to capture a Welsh Council seat. The by-election in Flintshire saw a win by the independent candidate. I do not have any more details as yet but it is reassuring that the BNP were not able to turn their rhetoric into victory. Of course this is not the end of the matter, it is just the beginning. The BNP are already establishing themselves in the North West of England and it is inevitable that there will be more BNP candidates in the all-out Welsh Council elections on 10th June. I fear that we have a long and arduous fight ahead of us.

Update: The ward that the by-election was held in was Aston. The result was Independent 281; Labour 274: Tory 118; BNP 116. Independent hold on a 29.7% turnout. Even though they came last the BNP still polled nearly 15% of the vote. My website has a section under Flashpoints where I have recorded every local Council by-election in Wales since 1999 and sought to keep a running total of party share.

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