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Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Statistics and money

The South Wales Echo is obsessed with money. They have spent the last few years burrowing into the cost of everything in the Assembly including how much is spent by AMs on travel, maintaining staff and offices. They have published details again this year but not it seems on their website. Haven't they heard of electronic democracy? They have also revealed that AMs asked 23,000 questions during the four years of the first Assembly. We passed 685 pieces of legislation and 42% of us spoke in Welsh at least once (not me). We also spent 863 hours sitting in Plenary sessions in this period. Who said I can't sit still for more than ten minutes at a time?

Delighted the Echo has finally made it onto your august journal. We make no apologies for keeping an eye on how taxpayers' money is spent by the assembly. However, rather than give the impression Echo reporters have nothing better to do than tot up every question asked in the assembly since 1999, the figures you quote came from an official report published on Friday and available on the website. You may wish to read other fascinating facts at: http://www.wales.gov.uk/subiassemblybusiness/index.htm

Richard Hazlewood 12 November 2003
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