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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Breakfast anybody?

I was amused this morning to see the collection of legislative orders scheduled for debate next week. There is the Cocoa and Chocolate Products (Wales) Regulations 2003, the Fruit Juices and Fruit Nectars (Wales) Regulations 2003, the Condensed Milk and Dried Milk (Wales) Regulations 2003, the Specified Sugar Products (Wales) Regulations 2003, the Honey (Wales) Regulations 2003, the Natural Water, Spring Water and Bottled Drinking Water (Amendment) (Wales) Regulations 2003 and the Shrimp Fishing Nets (Wales) Order 2003. There is virtually an entire meal in this collection of orders. I coined the collective term for them of the "Consolidated Breakfast Regulations 2003". I felt hungry just reading out the list.

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