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Friday, October 31, 2003


My posting on George Galloway on Thursday 23 October headed "Control Freakery" has produced a reaction from somebody called Matthew May. He writes "Jolly fine blog on Stalinists..are you really an elected politico, with an Education portfolio? If I were you I would be proud to have been 'Kammed', rather than the common everyday fisking you seem to deserve. Do you have any conception of what Stalin did? Any at all? I am deeply saddened that you represent anyone at all." Apart from the fact that the message contains words I do not understand, I think it is fair to say that as a history graduate I am more aware than most of the attrocities committed by Stalin. However, "Stalinist" is a commonly used phrase to describe a style of politics and is not to be taken in the literal sense as Mr. May has done. I am saddened that he has sought to personalise his comment in this way.

Rather impatiently, as I did record on this Blog that I would be away, Mr May sent a further comment: "No answer to my last mail re Stalinism Still busy day for you chums, now Howard-of-the-night is up and away you might find yourselves fourth division, and be showen to be so. Gnarff gliberatisima." For my views on Michael Howard read below. It will not be that easy to write off the Liberal Democrats though even with a new Tory leader.

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