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Thursday, October 02, 2003

Room with a view

I have written already at my despair at the anonymous red brick wall that has been erected opposite my office window, not out of any angst that privileges might have been withdrawn, but in a state of despondency at the lack of aesthetics in modern architecture. Before I start to sound like Prince Charles and begin a detailed description of the ugly carbuncle that is the Wales Millennium Centre I will get to my point. BBC Wales journalist, David Cornock, who I have referred to below took pity on my plight. Or rather he didn't! In his blog on Monday 29 September he wrote: "Mr Black is aghast that the building of the Wales Millennium Centre has ruined the view from his Assembly office. He says he's been left with a view of a "bland brick wall that would not look out of place as part of a penal institution". I'll resist the temptation to drag up that old joke about politicians not looking out of the window in the morning, lest they have nothing to do after lunch." I e-mailed David today to establish whether he ever had the time to glance out of his own window. His reply restored my faith in poetic justice - "We have no windows - the BBC conference office is a converted basement car park!"

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