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Thursday, October 09, 2003

National Poetry Day

As it is National Poetry Day and other bloggers are featuring some of their favourite poems, I thought I would join in. My choice is a Swansea poet, who is not Dylan Thomas. In fact, in my view his work outshines that of Dylan's even though he lived in his shadow. The poem is by Vernon Watkins.

Come, come, more loved than many days,
More dear than many mornings, come.
Without you idle is the praise
Of light on grass or rose in bloom.

Without you empty run the hours.
When you are here they fly too soon.
You pass, and withered are the flowers,
Their sunlight and their nectar gone.

Who would have thought a single step
And voice could widow all the ground
And bring a garland to my sleep
Brighter than all the day had found?

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