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Monday, October 27, 2003

Cool Cat

To be honest I don't read all the e-mails that come to me at my Assembly address. This is because a large number of them are either other people's press releases, junk mail or just general gossip. It is difficult sometimes to filter out messages from constituents and others that need to be given priority. Recently, Lembit Opik MP and his Montgomeryshire colleague, Mick Bates AM, have taken to issuing samples of their diary for the week in the hope that some poor unsuspecting media person with nothing better to do might attend or do a piece on what they are doing. These e-mails are not required reading for me but this week one item did catch my eye. Tonight, Lembit is supporting Powys Cats by judging the fancy dress competition in a Grand Alley Cats Ball. He always looks like a cat that has just stolen the cream anyway, after this he will be insufferable.

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