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Monday, October 06, 2003

But who do the voters back?

By far the most interesting survey however, was reported in the Western Mail. They report that a survey by the think tank Reform found that 47% of the people they questioned did not identify with any party. This discovery underlines the anti-politics feeling amongst the electorate as well as the reluctance to go out and vote. The poll goes on to highlight that these non-committed people had strong views on reforming public services and state education as well as health care. This possibly reflects a dissatisfaction with the state of these vital public services rather than an outbreak of market economics amongst the wider electorate. For me the survey says that there really is all to play for but that it will be difficult for any of the conventional parties to break out of the common perceptions that people have of them to take advantage of that. People are looking for real debate on the issues, for solutions but not promises. They want a Party and politicians who are prepared to listen and to take account of their views rather than fall back on the old excuses and stock answers. I am not convinced that any party has yet got there. If that is the case then there is a real danger that opportunists like the BNP will fill the gap and that many people will not vote at all. The warning signs are out there. We have to listen and act on them.

Yes, you are right.

We've fortunately not had to campaign against the BNP in our area of Essex yet. But I'm following the viewpoint that they are the Lib Dems evil twin brother , (sticking up for the little guy, as long as he is white) rather simply label them as "extreme right" as the media often do. The analysis at http://www.politicalcompass.org/ is useful , I think

Chris Black, Rayleigh, Essex
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