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Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Back in the Chamber

Only 8 of the 11 Tories have shown up for Plenary in the Assembly today, so much for effective opposition and keeping Labour on their toes. Some have remained in Blackpool at the Tory Conference, in contrast to our mad dash back from Brighton two weeks previously and Labour's full-turn out last week. I understand that North Wales Tory AM, Brynlie Williams, has been in America since we returned from recess but he is due back tomorrow. I am assured that rumours that he has been campaigning for Arnie "badly behaved" Schwarzenegger are untrue.

I am wearing my Golden Gate Bridge tie as California is voting today but I am not anticipating that the result will be as bright. Gray Davis may not be the most desirable politician I have ever encountered but he is by far a better choice for Governor in my view than the Terminator. Still if Arnie is elected we may be spared having to suffer more of his films for sometime to come.

In conversation with the Assembly;s youngest member, Tory AM Laura Anne Jones, she reveals that a relation of hers was the last person to be hung for sheep stealing in Scotland. A minor infringement I suppose compared to the sins visited upon Wales by her party before she was eligible to vote.

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