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Wednesday, September 17, 2003


I am always on the look out for new websites of interest so when my researcher, Francesca, told me that she has one of her own I naturally clicked on to have a look. It is very interesting but I am not sure if the following passage in the biography is grounds for disciplinary action or not:

"I am currently working for Peter Black. He is a Liberal Democrat Member of the National Assembly for Wales (Welsh Government)and democratically elected King of Cwmbwrla (his ward). Appropriately renamed Ginger because of his hair (and just to tease him really), he is the most organised and hardest working politician ever which means more work for me! You can find him leafleting in Morriston pretty much at any time. The best part of working for him is that he's a real lefty and has enough sense of humour to let you take the piss out of him, something that Nick (Regional Manager and Swansea Councillor) and I enjoy greatly!"

Clearly, I am a soft touch as an employer.

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