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Saturday, September 20, 2003

Thumbs up for Lembit!

It is amazing what gossip one picks up at Conference and very very sad that I cannot repeat it on this site. The biggest cheer of the night for the Welsh Liberal Democrats came when Lembit Opik and Eleanor Burnham arrived in the curry house having travelled to London by car and then caught a train to Brighton. I was told that this was because Lembit felt he would not find somewhere to park in Brighton. Conference was buzzing as expected as tired but jubilant Liberal Democrats arrived for a massive celebration of last Thursday's win. People were still a bit subdued today but I expect things to really start livening up tomorrow when our newest MP takes centre stage. For the Welsh Liberal Democrat contingent all the talk is about forthcoming internal party elections. Nominations close at our Welsh Conference in October for Welsh Party President and Assembly Leader. We await developments with baited breath.

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