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Sunday, September 07, 2003


Just back from a week in Scotland. I am amazed that it is possible to get Radio Wales from Ayr. Rather typically they rang me up halfway through my holiday to ask me to do an interview on Good Morning Wales. I declined. I had no intention of getting up that early on the one week I have had off this year. They most probably won't ask me again until the next time I am on holiday!

An e-mailed press release written in breathless terms informs me that my colleague Roger Williams MP has relaunched his website. Roger writes "I am just so excited about this new website that I can't wait for people to start using it. I have been asked many times by people what I have been doing on certain topics and now those questions can be answered from the comfort of people's homes. I am endeavouring to place all my important press releases and some of my pictures from constituency visits on the site. This new site will enable my constituents to contact me faster and easier and will help me deal with the issues that matter to them. I hope people enjoy using it as much as I do."

Blogs are becoming popular. Once more I am indebted to Tom Watson MP for drawing my attention to an article in The Sun on how they are becoming a spin-free zone for politicians. I keep returning to his blog even though he doesn't like Liberal Democrats at all. Then again he does support West Bromwich Albion so how can he judge? :-) One other politician who blogs is Liberal Democrat Richard Allan MP.

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