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Tuesday, September 09, 2003


A trip to Cardiff to help out in the Pentwyn by-election for Cardiff County Council prompts me to reflect on the decline in the standards of spelling and grammar and how this is exemplified in political leaflets. A lot of it is due to typos and people trying to produce leaflets very quickly. There is also a school of thought that believes that one should always include them as it provides a talking point on each leaflet. Liberal Democrats are not immune of course. We produced a leaflet in Swansea last month that produced a letter from a constituent listing half a dozen glaring errors, a letter that underlined the point about putting in errors to seek a reaction, any reaction. Nevertheless, I prefer not to get that sort of correspondence. I am sure there was nothing deliberate about the spelling of "traffic speads" in the Cardiff Conservative leaflet I saw last night. How about a free proof-reading service for busy political activists?

I am going to get around to putting in links to other political blogs here soon. In the meantime check out this one from Liberal Democrat James Graham. He even has nice things to say about me, I think! Oh and good grief, what is this about? Is this the work of Lembit Opik himself or some poor misguided Powys constituent? We should be told.

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