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Saturday, September 27, 2003

Karaoke Queen

Nooo! This goes beyond the pale! People are starting to accuse me of being obsessed with Lembit Opik. The truth is that once you have found him you cannot put him down. He keeps coming back with more and more outrageous and off-the-wall stunts. This week he is to be found on a new programme on HTV Wales called "Karaoke Queen". For those who cannot get enough of our Welsh leader this is being screened at 11.30pm on Thursday 2 October. If you cannot get Welsh TV then think yourself lucky! In this startling attempt at it-is-so-bad-it-is-good TV, Lembit stars as a karaoke pundit showcasing the talents of his own constituents from the Castle Vaults, one of Newtown's 23 pubs and yes, just in case you missed his fundraising appeal, he rounds off the evening by playing his harmonica. By the way if you are into music and want a good laugh then check out this site. My favourite is the Viking Kittens.

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