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Sunday, September 21, 2003


One of the joys of Conference is the number of exhibitors and the various goodies they dispense each year. I always get my year's supply of pens from these bodies. Bloomsberg are a particularly popular exhibitor if only because of the rather lavish reception they put on each year and the goody bag they dispense to representatives. Alas, this year there is no sign of them and the number of stands seems much thinner than usual. One group who are exhibiting but who have managed to avoid the fees charged to others is the Socialist Party of Great Britain. They have set up a stand covered with literature on the pavement outside the Conference Centre. But, why? Do they believe that they will find converts amongst the thousands of Liberal Democrats who have gathered in Brighton? Are they trying to make a point and if so what is it? I suspect we will never know. One of the exhibitors was the Shaw Trust who once again featured the caricariturist from Llanelli who produced the drawing on the front of this website. I have now had another one done and may well feature it at some point here. This time he has shown me surfing, an activity I have never embarked upon in my life. However, I will interpret this as surfing the net.

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