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Friday, September 26, 2003

Dr. Who

News reaches us that BBC Wales has won the right to make new episodes of Dr. Who. I won't admit to knowing that it is the 40th anniversary of that programme or people might think that I am a bit of a science fiction nerd. Actually, I only know that as the chair of the Sunday night rally at Conference happened to mention it in his introductory remarks. The new series is to be written by Russell Davies who wrote "Queer as Folk". Already there have been suggestions that he might want to use Cardiff Bay and the Welsh Assembly as a location. If he brought the Tardis to Assembly House there would be long queue of politicians wanting to see the future or correct their past mistakes. At the head of that queue we might find the Education Minister and ELWa officials wanting to undo the mess they have made of the first few years of that Quango.

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