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Friday, September 12, 2003

The Cool Lib Dems

Scary experience last night. I was helping out in the Pentwyn by-election in Cardiff and heard at least three teenagers hold up Welsh Liberal Democrat leaflets and describe us as "cool"! If we are becoming chic then we really have to worry. What happens when we go out of fashion?

The by-election was an outstanding success. Pentwyn is a four member ward with three Labour Councillors and one Welsh Liberal Democrat. Our Councillor had resigned as he is moving away for work reasons. In 1999 we got 42% of the vote so this was a difficult defence in a marginal ward. We held the seat with 66.6% of the vote. The swing from Labour to us was 24%. If that swing was repeated in May next year we would win control of the Council from Labour with 72 seats. The opposition would be one Plaid Cymru, one Conservative and one Independent! :-))

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