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Saturday, September 27, 2003


Having started this blog, I have naturally found myself pulled deeper into the world of blogging. This involves reading the collective wisdom of many other bloggers, some of whom (the Liberal Democrat ones, but that might change), I have hotlinked from this site. The ones that I read a lot of are the political ones and these cover most shades of opinion. So far I have only discovered three written by British Parliamentarians, my own, that of Richard Allan MP and the blog belonging to Labour MP, Tom Watson. The one blog that has impressed me most for its wit, the quality of the writing and its originality is that belonging to Liberal Democrat, Vivienne Raper. Check it out, it is very good. By the way, most blogs run up the page as they are easier to read. As somebody who was always taught to write from left to right, down the page, I have had difficulty adjusting to this convention. I will, however, conform once we get into October.

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