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Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Back in harness

On the road by 8am and a three and a half hour journey to Cardiff. So many people gave me advice on which route to take to avoid the rush hour traffic on the M25 that my head was spinning. I checked the map briefly before setting off. The other alternative seemed to be the M27 via Southampton but it looked really convoluted and not much shorter. In the end I gritted my teeth and opted for the familiar route. The M25 was not too bad but in parts it was slow enough to make a mockery of the flashy signs highlighting the variable speed limits. I pulled into the Assembly's underground carpark just in time for my group meeting at 11.30am. My speculation that perhaps the work on the new entrance to the Assembly building might not be ready proved to be ill-founded. The atrium has been converted into an open space with posh ceramic tiles and expensive looking wooden desks. There is a scanner for members of the public to pass through before entering the building. Staff and AMs use a number of pens with a swipe access gate.There was even an e-mail to tell us how to use them. It looks a bit like the ticket hall in an London underground tube station. Work has also started on installing the glass panelling that will separate the public gallery from the chamber. The metal frame has been put in but as yet there is no glass The creation of the zoo is only a matter of time.

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