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Tuesday, September 23, 2003

And so to Cardiff

It is 9pm on Monday, four of the six AMs have already set out to travel back to Cardiff. The rain is falling softly and threatening to turn into a full flown torrent. I have just come back from the statutory BBC Wales reception, which actually always surprises me as I never fail to enjoy it. The Conference passed a motion today on GM crops that was very much in line with what we have been doing in Wales. It was based on the concept of choice, of ensuring that we protect crops from contamination and cross fertilisation by continuing the moratorium on the commercial planting of all GM crops and allowing all states and regions of the European Union to declare themselves a GM commercial crop free zone. This is in contrast to the reports in the papers today that speculated that the British Government is about to capitulate to US demands to unlease its GM products and seeds on to the UK.

All that is left now is Welsh night. For some reason we are to divide into teams and play games such as composing limericks about Welsh AMs and MPs. There will also be singing, which is the whole point of Welsh night. I will be up early tomorrow morning to drive to Cardiff so as to start the new Assembly term. It has been a short conference.

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