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Friday, September 19, 2003

And so to Brent!

It is 11.24pm and no news on the Brent East by-election result. I cant stay up for it as I have to leave to drive to Cardiff at 7.30am tomorrow. I rather foolishly agreed to appear on a Radio Wales quiz at 8.50am in their Llandaff studio. This is the result of a debate in the Plaid Cymru Conference today in which the Nationalists discussed the way that history is taught in Welsh schools. A view was expressed that history is taught from an English Imperialist perspective and that the National Curriculum should be changed so as to redress the balance, that is teach Welsh history only. This is an idea that Mussolini would have embraced if he were Welsh. It was defeated.

Radio Wales had the bright idea that they would get four politicians, one from each party, into their studio and ask them ten questions on Welsh history. I was nominated by my party's Chief Executive as I have a degree in English and History. However, I grew up and went to school in England and my degree did not contain any study of the Country in which I graduated. I am going to be annihilated! :-((

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