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Saturday, August 16, 2003


At last I have finally got my website up-to-date. The backlog of articles, press releases and speeches dating back to the Assembly elections are now on. The site also has a new look with a revamped front page and home page, including a record of the last time the site was updated. The diary has gone due to the restrictions of format and the time required to write and post an entry each week. Instead, I have installed this weblog for a more informal and occasional record of my thoughts, the thoughts of others, occasional links and events. I have got rid of the "What's New" page on the grounds that it was cumbersome and that I can record any significant developments here. Finally, although the Press Releases are still recorded by subject so as to enable somebody to research issues they have a specific interest in, I have also added to the "News" page a current view offering chronological access to releases for the present calendar month.

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