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Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Silent Witness

Fascinating meeting today. Faced with increasing criticism and scrutiny over miscarriages of justice on murder convictions, South Wales Police have launched a charm offensive to convince the public and elected representatives that they have changed and are responding openly and positively to the issues raised with them. Myself and other AMs were invited to Police HQ at Bridgend were we received a presentation from the Chief Constable and senior officers on the way that murder investigations are continualy reviewed as they proceed. The methodology was explained and reassurances given that old cases are being reopened and reviewed also. The most interesting part was the detail about the use of forensics and DNA in solving some old murders. It certainly put TV programmes like CSI into context. The AMs of course, were at pains to stress the need to involve the local community in this process as well as to make better use of modern communications methods to maintain public confidence and keep us all informed as to what is going on.

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