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Thursday, August 21, 2003

Pogo Stick

Called into the Assembly today to clear up my correspondence. The Wales Millennium Centre is coming along well and no longer looks like the roof is made of corrugated plastic sheeting. I made a point of searching out any progress on the new Assembly building but the hole is still there apparently unchanged. The only difference is that there are now JCBs rushing around moving chunks of soil aimlessly from one part of the site to another. Maybe there will be something to see next month.

Talking of the new building, I still can't get over its resemblance to an upmarket petrol station, but what is the twisted tube on the top all about? This tube opens up like an inverted funnel above the chamber. My first thought was that it was part of a device used by the Presiding Officer to keep control - one press of the button and the unruly AM is sucked up into the funnel and spat out of the roof. Perhaps that is a bit far-fetched but I can think of some candidates to try it out on.

Meanwhile, check-out this site - http://www.statesmanorskatesman.co.uk/ Politicians will never look the same again. Pogo-stick anybody?

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