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Friday, August 29, 2003

Ella the Cat

Back on the American politics kick, check out the website of the library and archive of great Democrat President - Lyndon Baines Johnson. He would have been 95 last Wednesday. Acknowledgements to Tom Watson MP for West Bromwich East om whose site I found this. The US President I most admire however is Franklin D Roosevelt and it is not because we share a birthday.

It is amazing what you find when exploring the world of weblogs. My personal favourite is a site that carries weblog entries from the author's pet cats. This extract from Ella the cat is typical -

"this past week or so i have not been doing much thinking. i can actually just sit there for days and not think a single thought. it's kind of amazing. very zen. relaxes my frayed nerves. but today my reverie of nothingness came to an end. why? who can say. maybe the moon, maybe the starts, maybe my itchy butt."

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