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Saturday, July 06, 2024

Time to redress the media balance

In many ways Nigel Farage's Reform was a victim of its own hype. For a party that has had years of preferential treatment on the UK media and was being touted as winning thirteen plus seats, to end up with just five must have been a major disappointment. 

What is most disturbing though has been the reaction of the many media outlets who seem to believe that because Farage is now an MP and has four other MPs to back him up, then they are now justified in continuing that sort of coverage.

Let's put this in context. The UK Reform Party have five MPs, the Greens have four, Plaid Cymru have four, the Liberal Dempcrats have 72. None of those parties have had the sort of coverage that Farage and his fellow travellers have had. 

The BBC in particular needs to get its act together on this. Their coverage of Farage has defied their duty to impartiality and balance for a long time now.

Farage may be good entertainment but political coverage is more serious than that. It's time for all media outlets to redress the balance and give the other parties a much bigger slice of the cake.

I agree, although Farage - the Complainer in Chief - wasn't liking the negative aspects of coverage, so doubled-down on wanting to defund the BBC. More worrying is their social media performance. I open YouTube and GB News is there talking-up Reform's chances, even though I've never clicked on anything GB News. And then those curious Facebook shares of unknown origin promoting Reform, similar to those promoting leave during Brexit. They are very sophisticated at getting their narrative into that intimate space between peoples hand and eyes.
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