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Saturday, May 18, 2024

Tories scraping the barrel

Like many others, I am yet to be convinced that Labour are offering anything new in the forthcoming general election, but in the interests of fair play one has to laugh at the Tories response to Keir Starmer's six points of blandness which he launched the other day in an unparalleled snoozefest.

As the Mirror reports the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Jeremy Hunt has put forward a series of "dodgy dossiers" in an effort to discredit Labour's economic credentials.

Hunt released a 19-page document on Friday which claims Labour’s policies will leave a “black hole of over £10billion a year by 2028-29”, while in a pre-election speech in central London, he claimed Labour would increase taxes to pay for their plans while the Conservatives would cut them.

This is despite the Tories having overseen the tax burden rise to its highest level since World War II:

Mr Hunt, who stood with a backdrop saying "Labour's Tax rises", celebrated the Tories' record of the last 14 years bringing more jobs, investment and growth to the country despite families dealing with higher mortgage payments, higher prices and some 25 tax rises since 2019. He fiercely attacked Labour as he said their plans would leave a £38.5billion gap over the next four years.

“Keir Starmer’s first step will not be the motherhood and apple pie we heard yesterday, but to help himself to you and your family’s wallets,” he said. “When it comes to Labour policies on jobs, welfare reform and tax, the difference if they are elected will be profound and damaging for every family in the country." He also accused Labour of lying and of “fake news” over its attacks on the Tory’s unfunded £46billion plan to abolish national insurance.

Given the Tories record, it is ironic that they are accusing anybody of damaging the economy.
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