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Friday, May 24, 2024

First gaffe of the campaign

It was inevitable really that the first gaffe of the general election campaign had to come from Rishi Sunak.

As Nation Cymru reports, the prime minister scored an own goal with a footballing gaffe as he met brewery staff in Wales on his campaign tour:

The Prime Minister asked the workers whether they were looking forward to the football later this summer as a potential source of revenue, despite Wales not qualifying for the Euro 2024 tournament.

There was an awkward pause after Mr Sunak asked: “So are you looking forward to all the football?”

One brewery employee answered: “We’re not so invested in it,” to which another responded: “That’s because you guys aren’t in it”.

“A good summer”

The Prime Minister nonetheless insisted that “it’ll be a good summer of sport”.

Mr Sunak has found the back of his own net while talking about the sport before.

The self-described “massive football fan” in 2022 wrongly spoke about his team Southampton FC playing Manchester United at the weekend, when they were in fact facing Leicester City.

Given how marginal the Vale of Glamorgan is, and the fact that it also houses the Welsh football team's training facilities, you would think Sunak might have been better briefed.
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