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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

A new war of the roses?

Oh dear, they're at it again. The Independent reports that the so-called senior Tory, Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg has issued a warning to the Prime Minister, employing yet another of his ridiculous historical allusions.

The paper says that Mogg, in an extraordinary attack on his own party, has warned Rishi Sunak he must wake up and act or lose the next general election, suggesting that Sunak’s government is the most inert since the reign of Henry VI in 1453. Is he trying to institute another War of the Roses? Presumably he sees himself as a modern day Earl of Warwick:

“The current government … needs to awake from its catalepsy if it wishes to win the election,” he warned.

Sir Jacob lashed out at the government’s failure to tackle immigration after figures last week showed net migration has soared to a record high of 745,000.

He said mass levels of migration “lets down an electorate that has given repeated mandates to get the numbers under control” and “could cost the Tory Party the next election”.

The figures prompted a furious row within the party, with sacked former home secretary Suella Braverman saying they were a “slap in the face” for voters.

The right-wing MP told GB News that Ms Braverman had a plan to bring the level of legal migration under control that the government should embrace.

That plan included closing down the graduate visa route, restricting the number of dependents migrants can bring to the UK and prioritising overseas students applying for Russell Group universities. It also proposed raising the salary threshold for migrants to £40,000.

“James Cleverley, the current home secretary, says he is still reviewing measures to curb migration but I don’t think he needs to look much further than his predecessor’s plan,” Sir Jacob said.

He added: “Henry VI, who became monarch in 1422, suffered from catatonic inertia for 18 months, beginning in the middle of 1453.

“Since then, we’ve never had so inert a government – until today.

“The current government seems similarly inert and needs to awake from its catalepsy if it wishes to win the election.”

The sooner this lot are kicked out of office, the better.
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