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Monday, November 28, 2022

What is the point of Keir Starmer?

Labour may be thirty points ahead in the polls and on course to win the next general election, but what is really going to change if Keir Starmer becomes Prime Minister?

With the UK economy on the rocks, and unlikely to recover while we continue to cut ourselves off from the rest of the world, what is needed is some radical thinking, including repairing the crucial economic ties with the EU. Unfortunately, Starmer does not appear to get it.

The Guardian reports that the Labour leader has ruled out bringing back free movement of people between Britain and the EU, saying it would be a “red line” for his party if it gets into power – despite supporting the policy just three years ago.

They add that Starmer has also ruled out a “Swiss-style” deal with the EU, which would allow access to the single market but require more generous immigration rules, after reports the government was considering such an arrangement prompted frantic denials from No 10.

This is despite the fact that, for example, as reported yesterday, Brexit has worsened the UK’s acute shortage of doctors in key areas of care and led to more than 4,000 European doctors choosing not to work in the NHS. This has caused the NHS to struggle to recruit vital specialists such as anaesthetists at home, and worsening longstanding workforce shortages in some professional groups.

A report by the Migration Observatory at the University of Oxford back in August found employers are facing recruiting difficulties and high vacancy rates in many different occupations across the economy, including in industries that relied heavily on EU workers such as hospitality and transport and storage.

Starmer and his Labour Party are failing to argue for the positive aspects of immigration and how it benefits our culture and economy. In that respect there is little difference between him and the Tories.
I wish the Tories would stop attacking Sir Keir for wanting to return to the EU. That must be worth hundreds of undeserved votes for Labour in by-elections.
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