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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Labour takes one step forward, two steps back

For those of us who can see some hope of a more radical and longer term agenda emerging from this week's Labour conference with the vote in favour of a proportional voting system for UK General Elections, there are also familiar signs that we being led up the garden path.

Tbe Independent reports that Labour members voted in favour of three electoral reform motions, including to replace first-past-the-post with a form of proportional representation at general elections. They did not appear to specify what system they prefer though and local government was omitted from the resolution.

However, despite signs that the Labour Party at large is beginning to recognise that electing right wing Conservative governments on a minority of the vote is not in the best interests of the country, their leadership remains stuck in the old way of thinking.

The paper reports that at the weekend Sir Keir Starmer declared that electoral reform was “not a priority for me”, suggesting that if he were to become Prime Minister he would not implement the resolution.

When the majority are effectively disenfranchised by a voting system that denies them a voice and the opposition party is not prepared to do anything about that, it is little wonder that more authoritarian and right wing views are starting to prevail in this country,
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