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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Welsh Government seeks to crash the tea party

The best indication yet that the Labour/Plaid Cymru Welsh Government have let being in government go to their heads, is this latest consultation on banning the sale of tea and coffee to under-16s in Wales as part of plans to make young people healthier and stop rising obesity rates.

Wales on line says that the Welsh Government has confirmed that the consultation on the proposal to end sales of energy drinks to children also asks whether the plan "should be widened to consider other drinks typically high in caffeine such as tea and coffee". Under current rules all drinks except tea and coffee which contain more than 150mg of caffeine must carry a warning.

They add that some energy drinks have 21 teaspoons of sugar and the same caffeine level as three cups of coffee. Research shows that children who drink at least one energy drink per week are more likely to report symptoms such as headaches, sleep problems, and stomach problems as well as low mood and irritability. There is also evidence to link regular energy drink consumption with low educational engagement.

There is no rationale in that data for a ban on the sales of tea and coffee. In fact the Welsh government seems obsessed with banning things and limiting people's choices, whether it is vaping or this latest idea.

Is the next step a legally enforceable lifestyle plan for each individual? Welsh Ministers need to be careful they don't become a parody of themselves.
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