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Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Johnson abandons manifesto commitment on trophy import ban

The Guardian reports that Conservatives are blaming a “handful of very wealthy peers” who make up the shooting and hunting lobby over the news that legislation banning the import of hunting trophies is to be scrapped.

The paper says that the animals abroad bill, which contained measures including banning adverts for holidays that feature elephant rides, was to be a flagship bill signalling to the world that post-Brexit Britain was a world leader in animal rights, legislating against animal cruelty abroad. Significantly, it included a commitment to ban the import of endangered animal parts and that has proven to be a step too far for some:

But over the weekend it emerged that the bill was no longer likely to be implemented. Government sources said it had been scrapped, and that manifesto commitments including the trophy hunting import ban would no longer take place in this parliament. The government has officially blamed a lack of parliamentary time to implement the bill, elements of which were promised in the 2019 Conservative manifesto.

Ministers have blamed lobbying from the traditional wing of the party for No 10’s change of heart over the bill. A senior government source said: “A handful of crusties have managed to seize control. A handful of very wealthy peers are pressing for all the animal welfare measures to be dropped because they fear eventually it might mean their weekends could be affected.”

Some within the Conservative party believe, according to this source, that trophy-hunting animal rights activists will say that it is hypocritical to legislate based on nature-depleting action abroad, when shooting weekends are still allowed in the UK.

Another indication that this government has little regard for the environment and animal welfare.
Is it not interesting that Russian money is no longer available to Johnson and his friends.Tory peers money can replace it?
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