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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Party People

As the rap artist, Nelly might have sung on entering No 10 Downing Street:

Just walked through the door
What's it gonna be?
Take it to the floor
Girls all over me

Where my party, pa- party
Party, pa- party people at?
Where my party, pa- party
Party, pa- party people at?

The latest controversy to overtake Boris Johnson is his own birthday party, organised by Carrie Johnson in the middle of lockdown, involving up to 30 staff on 19 June 2020 despite Covid rules banning indoor social gatherings and when outdoor gatherings were limited to groups of six. It was attended by the prime minister, and the interior designer Lulu Lytle, who was not a member of No 10 staff, was also there.

The Guardian reports that the room was laid out with Marks and Spencer party food and a birthday cake, with staff singing “Happy Birthday” and staying for 20-30 minutes.

Of course, those seeking to defend the Prime Minister are trying to downplay the event, but it was clearly more than a small group of staff, and it was obviously more than a piece of cake and a glass of sherry. There was a buffet for goodness sake. And can thirty people really social distance in the cabinet room?

If this was an isolated event, then perhaps people would shrug and move on, but it is part of a pattern of what appears to have been endless partying at the heart of government when everybody else was being told they could not celebrate their own birthday, could not visit sick relatives, attend the funerals of loved ones, or take much-needed holidays.

The arrogance and contempt shown by those involved in these parties is appalling. We are well past the last straw, why are they still being allowed to run the country?
I hear,if true,the Met will be investigating the parties.I believe this means Sue Grey,s info will be held back till the police report is complete. Being a cynic this allows Johnson a breather with hope,for him,that the whole mess disappears.Can a solution be engineered to save his skin?I would not be surprised if nobody else wants the job for as far as I can see non are worthy of being a PM and non of them will want to pick up the poisoned chalice.
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