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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Prime Minister abandons plan for greater transparency

The Mirror reports that Boris Johnson has axed his plans for White House-style TV press briefings despite already spending £2.6million of taxpayer cash on the venue:

The PM's £125,000-a-year Press Secretary Allegra Stratton was meant to be leading thrice-weekly televised briefings with journalists since last year.

But the start date was repeatedly delayed due to Covid and after Lee Cain and Dominic Cummings, who were originally proponents of the idea, quit No10 in a wave of infighting.

Ms Stratton, who has now spent around six months in Downing Street without appearing on TV once, will now become the PM's spokeswoman for the COP26 climate conference this Autumn, the Times revealed.

It leaves an uncertain post-pandemic future for the wood-panelled No9 Downing Street briefing room.

The former courtroom has only just finished being made over at £2.6m expense with Tory blue colouring and soundproofing.

It's funny how the prospect of having to answer detailed questions on his record proved too much for the Prime Minister and his spokesperson in the end.
On questions about people like this: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-56667960? We would not have known about this fixer and Tory donor if someone had not missed a bit of redaction.
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