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Saturday, April 24, 2021

'Mad and totally unethical'

It really is starting to fall apart in Borisland, isn't it? From Barnard Castle to Rasputin to political assassin, Dominic Cummings knows how to make an impression, and this week he hasn't disappointed.

As the Guardian reports, the former Prime Ministerial aide has launched an unprecedented and extraordinary attack on Boris Johnson, alleging that the prime minister tried to quash a leak inquiry as it implicated an ally, and hatched a “possibly illegal” plan for donors to pay to renovate his flat.

The paper says that Cummings used a lengthy post on his personal blog to deny he had leaked private text messages between Johnson and the billionaire James Dyson. Instead, he accused the Prime Minister and his team of a series of wrongdoings, claiming his former employer had behaved in a way he considered “mad and totally unethical”, and warninf that he would happily give evidence under oath to an inquiry.

“It is sad to see the PM and his office fall so far below the standards of competence and integrity the country deserves,” he wrote.

It is nice to see Cummings has finally caught up with rest of us in his assessment of Boris Johnson, but perhaps we should wait for the evidence he has promised, and hopefully some effective cross-examination, to see who actually did what and why.

One suspects that there is a lot more yet to come out.
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