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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Downing Street media room makes its debut

The £2.6 million Downing Street media room made its debut yesterday with a few tweaks to its design. As the Independent reports, preview images of the room sent out by broadcasters were widely mocked on social media earlier this month. 

The podium had featured the words “Downing Street” with an HM government logo superimposed over it, but the logo blocked the middle letters of the text - so that only “DOWN REET” was visible.

This has now been rectified with the text now removed and only the coat of arms visible. The number of flags positioned behind to the rear of the stage has also been reduced from four to two.

However, they have kept the plain blue background, an invitation to anybody with the skills to treat it like a virtual background to impose any image or video they like onto it.

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