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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Free speech champion needed for House of Commons

At the same time the UK Government is introducing stringent and largely unnecessary measures to guarantee free speech on university campuses, their own ministers are taking extraordinary measures to avoid answering difficult questions in the House of Commons.

The Independent reports that the International Trade Secretary, Liz Truss is refusing to answer questions about the cross-Channel trading crisis sparked by Brexit.

They say Ms. Truss has “transferred” all enquiries about the plight facing firms to other departments, despite it being her job to promote exports overseas.

A hard-hitting letter from six of the opposition parties accuses Ms Truss of trying “shirk responsibility for the failures of your colleagues elsewhere in government”:

And it protests: “Most extraordinary of all, you are refusing to answer questions about the serious crisis affecting UK shellfish and fish exporters, and about the future of inward investment in Northern Ireland.

“At a time when British exporters are crying out for the government to acknowledge and address the problems they are facing in the wake of Brexit, the Secretary of State for International Trade cannot simply put their head in the sand and pretend that these issues are not their concern.”

The protest comes after criticism that the government is avoiding scrutiny of its decisions by axing the Commons committee that investigates Brexit issues.

Meanwhile, ministers are refusing to open talks to try to solve the exporting crisis until the EU feels “some of the pain”, an industry leader said last week.

Deliveries have been hit by the blizzard of new red tape, with requirements for health checks and customs documents – and ban on shellfish trade is “indefinite”, the EU is warning.

Perhaps it is the House of Commons that needs the free speech champion.
So,Truss passing the buck to another dept.Likely they will all pass the buck down the line as the disaster of Brexit bites deeper.Axing the commons committee is a way of avoiding the responsibility of Brexit .Ostrich head in sand syndrome.EU feel some of the pain!? It was not them that wanted Brexit,why should they feel any pain? Tories wanted Brexit they have to take responsibility for the s**t show.Free speech is ok unless it is not to our advantage.They are,as Thatcher would say,"FRIT" to accept responsibility for their actions
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