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Tuesday, January 05, 2021

By-passing the UK

It was inevitable that once we had left the EU and started to subject all freight traffic to a blizzard of bureaucracy and paperwork, that those just passing through the Uk would find alternative routes. This story in the Independent back in November confirmed that plans for new routes were well underway.

The plan was for DFDS, a Danish international shipping and logistics company, to start operating sailings on the route between Dunkirk and Rosslare on 2 January 2021. As far as I am aware that has happened and no doubt other routes will follow, all offering “direct and paperless transport between EU countries”, reducing companies’ dependence on the UK land bridge and create new trade opportunities within the EU’s single market.

On Friday, the Irish Times reported the first day of sailings on the new direct ferry service by shipping operator DFDS on this route were fully booked. They add that fears about delays from the new customs and agricultural checks at ports have encouraged importers, exporters and transport firms to use the new direct service to mainland Europe.

This is the first outward sign of the consequences of Brexit, the UK being by-passed on key trade routes, effectively being frozen out of the European market. Our roads may have fewer lorries on them but our ports will be quieter and places like Holyhead, Fishguard and Pembroke Dock could well see fewer jobs in the medium term. This is not good news for those areas.
A good article pointing out yet another adverse consequence of the Brexit project. Of course people like Nigel Farage, Jacob Rees Mogg and Boris Johnson care not one bit about Wales, which to them is a far away country, inhabited by people for whom they care nothing.

However people in England will soon find out that they think that Leigh and Blyth Valley are equally far away countries, populated by people that Conservatives care nothing for, once they got their MPs vote to get Brexit.

It's not that the s**t has hit the fan, but that the s**ts control the fan and are aiming it all the people they have absolute contempt for.
Leigh Lancs!? I hear that 'a great benefit ' for them will be the money 'returning' to the UK from the EU. A lot of the info was about benefits to fishing. How does that benefit places like Leigh? Fishing constituencies where the Tories are the MPs WILL benefit. Those areas where the Tories want to keep control, Leigh is not one of them, therefore Tories are only interested in what is best for them NOT THE COUNTRY
Hi Nigel. I would even take your point a stage further and emphasise that Boris Johnson's so called deal was nothing like what he promised on fishing (or anything else for that matter).

He has accepted that EU boats will retain the right to fish in British waters. The idea of a fishing bonanza and restoring Sovereignty and control over our waters has been quietly ditched.

They will take a small hit with the EU share of the quota falling by 25% over five years. They keep the rest.

The NFFO (the National Federation of Fishermen's Organisations) headlined described the deal as "MINISCULE, MARGINAL, PALTRY, PATHETIC" and ended it with "It is unlikely that obstacles in the road will now derail the ratification process, but the fishing industry will want it clearly understood that the best opportunity in a generation for a different and better future has been squandered."
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