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Friday, January 08, 2021

Brexit Campaign group embraces Europe

You really cannot make this stuff up. The Independent reports that Brexit campaign group Leave.eu has moved its internet registration to the Republic of Ireland in order to be able to keep its .eu suffix after the UK quit the European Union.

The paper says that quite rightly the move has sparked waves of criticism on social media, with pro-Remain philosopher AC Grayling branding it: “The looking-glass world of Brexit hypocrisy”:

The group, founded by businessman Arron Banks and backed by Nigel Farage, was a loud voice for Leave in the 2016 referendum campaign, and has remained in operation since then, pushing for the hardest possible Brexit.

It was one of more than 80,000 internet domain names assigned to UK registrants facing suspension by the EU’s EURid registration body at the end of the transition period to Brexit on 31 December.

But before the move to post-Brexit co
nditions took place, the group’s parent organisation Better for the Country transferred its registered address from the UK to an address in Waterford, Ireland.

Of course if they were to avoid having their website downgraded to suspended status, removing functions such as email or basic website services then Leave.eu needed to make this move. But that does not explain why a campaign so opposed to Europe and so wedded to an 'independent UK' chose the EURid domain in the first place rather than a dot.uk one.

What a bunch of hypocrites.
I thought Nicola Sturgeon hold the rights to the leave.uk domain name. :-)
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