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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Well-deserved pay rise for public sector workers - but who is paying?

Today's news that the government is to give above-inflation pay rises to doctors, police, teachers and some other public sector workers in England is an important step forward, though as the Guardian reports pay increases, ranging from 2% to 3.1%, do not make up for lost incomes under the previous public sector pay freeze.

The main question however, is who will pay? Obviously, with the centralised services, it will be the UK Government. But will there be a Barnett consequential for the three devolved national governments? And will local councils be given cash to meet the additional costs they will incur in paying more money to care workers?

There are a lot of unanswered questions and on past form, I suspect that the rhetoric will not be met with sufficient money in the right places.
With money being able to be obtained for zilch it should be the Govnt. Alas nurses are tide to a 3 year deal that ends next year.They may not get anything new risking their lives with the virus.CARERS HAVE NOT BEEN MENTIONED.ZILCH!!
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