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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Not now, Adam

Over to the Llanelli Star, which seems to be the only Welsh paper whose on-line edition is up-to-date, where the Plaid Cymru leader is calling for 'an immediate no stone unturned Judge-led Welsh inquiry into the COVID-19 pandemic response in Wales.'

Adam Price envisages this judicial inquiry running in parallel with a UK judge-led inquiry, with its initial findings being ready by the end of summer. He says that learning lessons to better inform future responses and improve decision-making is more important than apportioning blame.

He is absolutely right of course, such an inquiry is essential, but really, starting it now while Ministers are still wrestling with issues over PPE, ventilators and emergency hospitals? Does he really want to distract everybody from fighting a virus that may still not have peaked, that could return for a second wave and which we still do not have a vaccine for?

Perhaps, the Plaid Cymru leader has too much time on his hands. Maybe, he should concentrate on more constructive scrutiny on specific issues, on working with the Welsh Government in tackling this pandemic and looking after his own community, instead of chasing headlines.

Yes, let's have an inquiry, but let us have it when we have put this crisis behind us, not when we need all our attention to be focussed on saving lives.
Adam was about to "help" the Welsh government but last I read Precious Eluned got all possessive about that which she considered to be her mandate! These kids really need to grow up.No wonder critics see Cynulliad to be a waste of space.
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