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Sunday, April 26, 2020

Desperate spin as a diversion tactic

It is possible to tell when a government is in trouble during a crisis, when they field a minister at their daily press conference to spin a spurious good news story.

We have officially just passed 20,000 deaths from Coronavirus, the chances are that this is an underestimate, and yet the Home Secretary decides that now is the time to stand up in front of the media and boast that the level of shoplifting has fallen compared to the year before.

Well, yes, that is because you have quite rightly closed most of the shops.

As the New European reports, in her second appearance in front of cameras at Downing Street since the coronavirus outbreak hit, Priti Patel said there had been a fall in overall crime during the outbreak, with “car crime, burglary, shoplifting” lower than the same period last year.

As Twitter user @geraintgriffith commented: “Next up: deaths from the Bubonic Plague are on the wane and dinosaur attacks have dwindled.”

Radio broadcaster James O’Brien wrote: “I’m sooo bored of having to choose weapons grade stupidity or dead cats designed to get us talking about something other than the government’s incompetence. On this occasion, I lean toward the latter.”
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