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Thursday, October 10, 2019

The drink and drugs culture at Westminster?

Just how bad is the drinking culture in Westminster? Well according to one of the candidates for Speaker of the House of Commons and current Deputy Speaker, it is so bad that there is a need for counselling for MPs and staff in the Palace of Westminster who abuse controlled substances and alcohol.

As the Guardian reports, Lindsay Hoyle believes that Parliament has a drink problem and may well have a drugs problem too:

During an intense debate over Bercow’s decade in the role and how to improve the House of Commons, Hoyle was asked by the Guardian if there was a drink problem in parliament.

He replied: “It’s not just drink we’ve got to catch out, there is a drug problem. I genuinely believe that counselling and real support should be available for all staff and members.”

Pushed to confirm whether he had just disclosed there is evidence of a drug problem within parliament, Hoyle said: “I think, I believe, there will be a drug problem – there is a drug problem right across this country.

“We should have health and wellbeing in place for drink and drug counselling, and real support for anybody who needs it.”

In Westminster there are eight licensed bars for MP, with more in the House of Lords. Most are accessible to all passholders and sell cut price alcohol. The question must surely be asked whether this is appropriate in what is effectively a place of work.

Perhaps Hoyle should be calling for those bars to be restricted and subsidies removed if he really wants to tackle the drinking problem in the Houses of Parliament.
I can understand the pressure/stress of the place BUT it is a job.Ordinary citizens who arrive at work drunk are either sent home ,disciplined or sacked. This shows a lack of responsibility
in those who represent us. Yes, it is aproblem that needs sorting.
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