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Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Prime Minister fails to learn lessons in dealings with EU

In politics, as in other walks of life, one of the signs that somebody has lost the plot is when they repeatedly do the same thing in the hope of a different result.

One should not therefore be surprised at this Independent article, which suggests that Boris Johnson is to bypass Brussels and the EU's chief negotiator, Michel Barnier in attempt a last-ditch charm offensive on EU leaders to get a Brexit deal over the line. This is a tactic that had already been tried by Theresa May, and which fails to recognise, never mind understand the unity of purpose within the EU in protecting their own red lines.

The attempt to break off Irish premier Leo Varadkar and German chancellor Angela Merkel from the rest of the pack cannot be helped by talk about the construction of so-called customs clearance centres up to 10 miles either side of the Northern Ireland border, where goods would have to be declared and approved at the checkpoints, while their movement through the border zone would be monitored in real time.

Such a solution would completely undermine the Good Friday agreement, around which the EU's most significant red line is constructed. If such centres were to be constructed they might as well fortify them and staff them with troops straight away, as it would be a sure sign that the UK Government is resigned to the return of the Troubles in Northern Ireland.

For a man who has been so adamant that he can defy the law and take the UK out of the EU on 31st October, deal or no deal, Johnson is coming across as completely clueless as to how he will do this, and on the nature of the institution he is seeking to negotiate with.
Ireland,Germany! Divide and conquer the Tory way of doing things! The EU will not buy it.
Bringing back 'The Troubles' will not shine well in the US when Johnson hopes for a trade deal .
He is clueless.
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