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Saturday, October 26, 2019

How Boris Johnson is washing our money down the drain

It is Saturday and I am off the Welsh Liberal Democrats conference in Brecon so I will leave you with these words from yesterday's Marina Hyde column underlining Boris Johnson's irresponsible profligacy and warped priorities:

If you’re keeping track of the accounts, Boris Johnson has just blown £100m on an ad campaign insisting the UK was leaving on 31 October, even though the chances of this were always so slim they amounted to Conservative party election positioning. Given that seven months ago the prime minister was describing £60m spent on the historical sex abuse inquiry as money “spaffed up a wall”, it’s important that you get his Brexit ads in perspective. They were complete bollocks, and at the same time almost twice as valued as investigating mass institutionalised child rape. It’s a very exciting branding space for the Tories to be in.

Read the whole column. It is worth it.
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