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Friday, August 30, 2019

Government tactics leave EU citizens in limbo

If the country and politics itself has been thrown into chaos by talks of a no deal Brexit, then spare a thought for the many EU citizens living in the UK, whose very way of life is being threatened by the recklessness of Boris Johnson and his fellow Tory ministers.

As the Guardian reports, EU citizens living in Britain have asked the government for clarification on their status in the event of a no-deal Brexit. They says that altough 1 million have applied for settled status, at least 2.6 million have yet do so:

More than 100 EU citizens who have yet to apply contacted the Guardian on Tuesday to express fears about what their status would be immediately after a no-deal Brexit.

One person is a solicitor who moved from Sweden at the age of three in the 1980s, who has not yet applied for settled status because she does not have an Android phone. The application cannot yet be done on an iPhone, although the Home Office said this will be possible in the autumn, but can be done by post or by going to a dedicated scanning centre, although this takes longer.

They are looking to collate the experiences of EU citizens. Please use the linked page to let them know your experience if you are affected by this issue.
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