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Saturday, April 27, 2019

It's all kicking off in the Labour Party

With just a week to the local council elections in England, an extraordinary public row has blown up within Labour ranks over the content of a leaflet produced, under the guidance of the Leader's office, for the European elections.

As the Independent reports, Jeremy Corbyn is facing fury within Labour after campaign leaflets for the European elections suggested the party wanted to press ahead with Brexit, despite a new opinion poll showing Remain with an eight-point lead over Leave.

The flyer, which was drafted by the leader's office, makes no mention of the party's policy for a second referendum on the UK's departure from the EU:

Labour MPs are reportedly writing to the ruling National Executive Committee to demand support for a fresh public vote be outlined in the party's European election manifesto, with some said to be prepared to quit over the issue.

Hilary Benn tweeted: "Labour has twice supported a confirmatory referendum in votes in the House of Commons. It’s our policy. Why isn’t it mentioned in this leaflet?​"

The Labour Party insists that its manifesto for the European Elections won't be finalised until Tuesday's NEC meeting, however the damage has been done. Whatever that meeting decides the leader's position appears to be quite clear, Labour will be entering those polls as a leave party, leaving the Liberal Democrats as the only UK-wide party in favour of remaining and a further people's vote.
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