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Thursday, April 11, 2019

Deadline is halloween for the Brexit Zombie state

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The New Statesman wins the prize for the most prescient cover picture, when it featured the Prime Minister and her colleagues as zombies, dragging us all towards oblivion. 

Yesterday's agreement by the other 27 European Union countries, that the UK should have an extension of time until the end of October, to finally leave with a deal (or not), means that we have now been given an extra period stretching from April Fool's Day to Halloween.

By the time the 31st October has come around, and the House of Commons has rejected Theresa May's deal for the nineteenth time, we will all be so numb from the process that we might as well be zombies ourselves.

The period of unrest, voter outrage and apathy, and democratic chaos, which has so characterised this unfortunate and humiliating chapter in UK political history, looks like it will go on for some time. 

My sympathy is with the European candidates on 23rd May, who will be seeking to garner votes for some very short-lived political careers. Goodness knows how the electorate will react, all that seems certain is that it won't be pretty.

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